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Binance Zigzag Patterns

Quick Overview

What you get:
  • Telegram chat Binance Zigzag Patterns. Immediate alert via Telegram-chat as soon as the pattern emerges on any Binance trading pair/timeframe (timeframes 30min +), indicating:
    • Type of pattern
    • Сurrency pair
    • Timeframe, expected targets, support levels.
    • Any changes on the pattern state (reaching the target, stop-loss crossing, expiration)
  • (under construction) Personal account on website
  • Bonus: access to GoogleDocs table “Binance Zigzag Patterns”. While working on development of website personal account, we provide access to a GoogleDocs table containing aggregated information on all current patterns on all currency pairs and timeframes as a free bonus;
  • Instant “Head and Shoulders” pattern detection on Binance timeframes 30m, 1h, 2h, 4h, 6h, 8h, 12h, 1d, 3d, 1w, 1M;
  • Validating the pattern - checks for:
    • previous trend
    • pattern symmetry
    • “Head” to “Shoulders” ratio;
  • Determination of control points
    • Takeprofit
    • Timelimit
    • Stop-loss;
  • Pattern & control points visualization - candlestick chart with the drawn pattern “Head and Shoulders” right to the Telegram chat (ease of transferring the pattern to TradingView and Coinigy for more in-depth analysis, instant search for patterns and events for the coin by tag).
  • conducting a deal on a pattern - immediate notification in the Telegram-chat when a pattern is confirmed, take-profit or stop-loss is reached.
  • summary GoogleDocs-table for all found patterns “Head and Shoulders” for each cryptocurrency pair (updated every 30min, sorted according to different criteria).
You would greatly increase the effectiveness of the tool by aqcuiring:
  • Basic knowledge of technical analysis
  • Basic knowledge of money management and risk management
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